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Many years ago, twenty years to be exact, when I was in my middle age I decided the one thing I really wanted to do before I turned fifty was to finish my Bachelors Degree. I had put my education on hold as I became a father to go back to work. And now that my daughter was graduating from college, I decided now was the time to do it. An Arizona based university for working adults had established itself in our Utah community, so as I have described the admission process: I gathered up all my college credits from three different schools and I presented them for evaluation. It just so happened that with “credit for life experience” and my “bushel basket” of school credits, the school outlined a course of study for a “Bachelor of Arts of Management” with a minor in Marketing which I could finish in two years. I had had a major mid life crisis, I didn’t like corporate life, especially in the banking business, and I really didn’t know where I belonged. I found the course material challenging, but also very stimulating. Subjects such as statistics, accounting and economics I passed with the help of my study group.Subjects such as Human Resources Management, Marketing and Principles of Management I readily embraced and longed for more. Also for the first time in my life I was getting excellent grades. I was absolutely delighted with my new educational opportunity, it was helping me gain new knowledge! When it came time for my graduation project I did a feasibility study on becoming an entrepreneur in one of two areas: A Human Resource Consultant or an Independent Publishers Rep similar to a Manufacturers Rep where I would represent several book publishers. That is how INMAN AND ASSOCIATES  came about, the by product of my newly minted Bachelor of Arts, Management and Marketing. I received an A grade on the project but the greatest benefit I received was a new found confidence in myself. I had accomplished my dream of finishing my degree and also gained the confidence in starting my own business and going out on my own!

At that time I realized the power of the written word and information in my studies from various text books!

For twenty one my business was very successful because I enjoyed what I did. Besides, and into addition to that enjoyed reading books as well as selling books! I have always been an avid reader! I have always been grateful for the information I have learned from reading. I can’t really say I have an all time favorite book because the one I am currently reading is always enjoyable and very instructional.


I thought that in the form of a review of some titles that have had an impact on me, that I would give a recap of each book and the lessons learned.

While I was finishing my degree I did a paid internship with the WINNING FOR LIFE program written by Denis Waitley. I worked as a Success Mentor to professional people throughout US by telephone.

From Denis Waitley I learned a great story: “The devil has a tool that he values very much. It is the tool he can inflict the most misery with. In fact, he values it so much that he keeps it in a velvet lined box. It is the “wedge of discouragement”.

From Dr. Wayne Dyer I learned: “The morning breeze has secrets to share, don’t go back to sleep”.

From Rich Bach, author of JONATHON LIVINGSTON SEAGULL,  I learned to soar with the eagles and not to grovel with the turkeys”.

From Marsha Sinetar, author of DO WHAT YOU LOVE, THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW, I learned to discover my right livelihood, to find the work that expresses and fulfills my needs, talents and passions. This was a big one for me and the money did follow!

From Shad Helmstetter, PhD, author of WHAT TO SAY WHEN YOU TALK TO YOURSELF, I learned to avoid negative self talk, to stop beating my self up after a negative experience, but to be positive and encouraging.

From David J. Schwartz, author of THE MAGIC OF THINKING BIG, I learned to aim high, think big. You will not only reach but surpass your goals.

Finally, from Don Miguel Ruiz, author of THE FOUR AGREEMENTS, I learned some very significant truths:

1- Be impeccable with your words.

2- Don’t take anything personally.

3- Don’t make assumptions.

4- always do your best.

About a year ago I finished two and a half years of volunteer service with a church sponsored world wide business college as a student success mentor. I met with students from all over the world. Some of the younger students were only interested in the immediate gratification of video games and had not appreciated the opportunity to learn. However, an older student from Africa studying Cyber Security had left a family of four children and his wife and had come to school to better himself. Everyday he would skype with his family. I would meet with him weekly and he would always tell me how he appreciated the educational opportunity in spite of the sacrifice. He really appreciated the power of the word and the opportunity to learn.


In conclusion, I pose the question:

Why Should I Read?

The answers:

To become educated,

To gain knowledge,

To be entertained,

To relax and allow yourself to escape!

Whatever your reason,


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