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Updated: May 24, 2020

Do you have an older child who struggles with reading?

Do you know an adult who can’t read?

There is nothing sadder than an adult who cannot read!

READING HORIZONS has a solution!

It’s the ELEVATE program!

What is ELEVATE!

“The solution for the older child who struggles with reading or is learning English as a second language and for the adult who cannot read.”

What form of instruction works best for your student?

ELEVATE At home software “STROLL” FOR $199.00

The easiest and most economical way to get started.

What’s included?:

· This package includes two (2) student licenses by default. Each additional student slot is $25.

· Online access to the full version of the READING HORIZONS ONLINE SOFTWARE for one year (renewal price for an additional year is $50/yr)

· Skill-based lessons teach students the 42 Sounds of the Alphabet, Five Phonetic skills, Two Decoding Skills, and several grammar rules.

· New Lexile Reading Library Assessments, Phonics Screener and Diagnostic and Progress Monitoring Assessments.

· Most Common Word Lessons give practice with high-frequency words that are included in 65 percent of our daily reading and writing (e.g. the, it, a, and).

· Vocabulary teaching tool has over 10,000 terms to help students develop vocabulary and decoding skills, simultaneously.

· READING HORIZONS READING LIBRARY helps build fluency and comprehension with 330 high-interest, low readability, non-fiction passages that have been leveled and Lexiled.

· THE ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM allows parents or individuals to review assessment data, generate customizable reports, set student options, and receive notifications about student progress.

All this for an investment in the success of your reader of:


What are people saying about READING HORIZONS, ELEVATE program:

Ali Beach says: “An answer to Prayer”

“What a blessing. My son struggled for many years to read. We tried every program under the sun, so it seemed. I ran across this program as I was relentlessly looking for another reading program. As his mother, my heart broke because I understand the importance of being a good reader. We are well into over 100 days in this reading program and my son is a reader!!! Worth way more than you buy it for, I’m so thankful for this program and my son is too!!! We will be renewing after our time is up. I recommend this to ANYONE who is having trouble or would like to be able to read better..it works!! Don’t believe me? I dare you to try it!!!

One thankful mom here!!!

It comes in a print/hard copy version or the computerized version.


For more information as to how READING HORIZONS can help your struggling reader or non-reader to read, go to:


We wish you much success!

Thank you for reading!

Michael Inman


Encouraging literacy and learning!

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