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What is a goal? From Random House Dictionary.

The result or achievement toward which effort is directed.

From an earlier article, Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal.

If you follow personal development authors at all, you already know that Brian Tracy is a very prolific author on many different subjects. These subjects include personal success, sales training, business training, time management, and leadership.

In the area of personal success, I would like to present some ideas concerning GOAL SETTING. In my last article on habits, we briefly discussed goals but I spent most of the time on Stephen R. Covey’s writing of the 7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE.

In this article we will discover some powerful instruction from a book entitled: GOALS! HOW TO GET EVERYTHING YOU WANT FASTER THAN YOU EVER THOUGHT POSSIBLE.

I will be quoting from two powerful reviews with some great observations.

Our first source of information is from Zoe Whitney of ZW Coaching from the UK.

Zoe says: “The whole tenet of goal setting comes from the biological principle that the human “mechanism” is built to be purposeful – every second in every day our brain is constantly working on helping us achieve things (although we don’t think about it such – every little movement within our bodies is a task achieved). So, if we set goals, our subconscious will help move towards them.

Brian takes us through consideration of our values and the need to set goals in alignment with what we stand for before walking us through exercises to consider what we would like to achieve in these areas:

Work and Careers



Community and Growth

Within these areas will emerge our Major Definite Purpose – one thing you would dare to dream if you knew you could not fail.

This is the thing to concentrate on setting goals around.

Brian also tackles the issue of beliefs and fears and advocates “acting as if” we already had achieved our goals to making them more compelling as well as using the power of visualization to achieve our: “superconscious.”

Brian’s 7 keys to Goal Setting:

1- Clear, specific, detailed and written down.

2- Measurable and objective.

3- Time bounded – with milestones.

4- Challenging – to stretch you. (50% probability of success)

5- Fit your values and in harmony with each other.

6- Balanced across work, financial, family, health, etc.

7- A major definite purpose in life – one goal that, if you accomplish it can do more to help you improve your life than any other single goal – believable and achievable!

And, further, 12 steps to set and achieve any goal:

1- Have a desire – personal wish – why do you want to achieve it?

2- Believe that you deserve this and you can attain it—be realistic with your time frame.

3- Write it down – rewrite your goals each day, after day, after day.

4- Analyze your starting point – where are you now?

5- Determine why you want it – what benefits?

6- Set a deadline – best guess – with sub-deadlines.

7- Identify obstacles in your way – Why aren’t you currently there? What is blocking you? What is holding you back? What is the biggest obstacle?

8- What additional skills and knowledge do you need?

9- Who do you need cooperation or help from?

10-Plan, list of tasks to get from where you are now to where you want to go.

11-Visualize your goal continually!


Zoe finishes with a quote from Brian: “The very best days are ahead. The happiest moments you will ever experience are still to come. The highest income you will ever earn is going to materialize in the months and years ahead. The future is going to be better than anything that may have happened in your past. There are no limits.”

(Ref: September 2018, (https://zwcoachingcoaching.co.uk.2018/09)

By the way: I love his quote!

From the Christian Science Monitor, Book review section: The Simple Dollar, Guest Blogger, Trent Hamm, writes:

“I thought I’d take a look at one of the best books out there about defining and setting goals, since so many people start out the year with goals and resolutions of all kinds, (and I’m no exception to that.)

“GOALS!” clicked with me because it offered so many good pieces of advice about setting personal goals and working towards them. It worked for me because so much of the advice was attainable – I could actually do the things in the book and apply them immediately to my own goal-setting habits.

The following comments are highlights of each chapter:

1- Get Started: Unlock Your Potential. Everything you have accomplished in your life up to this point is mere preparation for what is to come. You now have a pile of skills, experiences, and motivation to draw upon that you’ve accumulated throughout your life, and you should use those as constant fuel for the fire to move towards whatever you want in life.

2- Take Charge of Your Life. You are responsible for everything you do in your life. You make choices of how to spend your money, how to spend your energy, and what you spend your time thinking about. Those things are up to you! Don’t make excuses or blame others. Take responsibility for what you do and what you want to accomplish. Focus on using your thoughts, money, energy and time to achieve the goals in your life.

3- Clarify Your Values. What do you believe in? What do you care about? Spend time clarifying what you care about and believe in before you even begin to set goals for yourself.

4- Analyze Your Beliefs. What do you believe in with regards to your own abilities? What do you believe in about the world around you? Is it holding you back or is it a giant pile of opportunities? It is those beliefs that will drastically constrain – or leave wide open – the goals that are available to you. Most of what is possible is defined within your head!

5- Create Your Own Future. Imagine that you could progress towards the goals you have in life with no obstacles preventing you from you from doing so and you had all the resources you needed. What would your life look like? I often call this a “five year stretch”, in which I draw a picture of what I want my life to look like in five years or so.

6- Determine Your Time Goals. What do you want to accomplish in every major part of your life? Your relationships and family life? Your health and wellness? What about other areas of areas of importance to you? Think about each one and figure out what you want most in that area. This builds upon a foundation of your beliefs.

7- Decide Upon Your Major Definite Purpose. Often, when you look at the main goals you have for your life, it will become clear that they actually point to a singular goal that rules them all. For example, in my case, my singular goal is to be a great father – it really does overlay every other goal and mission I have in life. All my significant goals are at least in part connected directly to my desire to be the best parent.

8- Start At The Beginning. What is your starting point for each of your goals? Where are you right now? The more in touch your goals are, the easier they’ll be to accomplish.

9- Set and Achieve Financial Goals. Tracy spends this and the next few chapters focusing on goals people typically have in certain areas of their life. His financial suggestions are straight forward: in essence, he suggests making a net worth calculator in order to get a full view of your assets and debts, then look for specific ways to improve.

10-Become An Expert in Your Field. You’re better off being off being the best around at a very specific area than being just one of the bunch in a larger pool. Focus on getting to the top in a very specific area.

11-Improve Your Family Life and Relationships. A big part of your life consists of the people around you. Put effort into focusing on relationships most important in your life.

12-Optimize Your Health and Wellness. Having a high level of energy and fitness makes it possible to enjoy many avenues of life that are difficult to enjoy without these attributes. Take an assessment of your current fitness and health and chart some goals to improve.

13-Measure Your Progress. For any goal, define a goal that has a clear way to determine if you’ve achieved it or not as well as a clear way to mark your progress. Then set milestones along the way to make sure you are moving towards your goal.

14-Remove the Roadblocks. Goals are much easier to achieve if obstacles are out of the way. Seek ways to remove the roadblocks so you are open to achieving the things you wish to achieve.

15-Associate With the Right People. Surround yourself with people who embody what you want to achieve. Make an effort to build relationships with them.

16-Make a Plan of Action. What is your plan for achieving your goal? Write down a detailed plan for achieving it! The more detail the better.

17-Manage Your Time Well. Time management is the key. Focus on making the most efficient time management system tailored to achieving your goals.

18-Review Your Goals Daily. Take time every day to review the goals you are working on. Keep a daily journal to track your progress.

19-Visualize Your Goals Continually. It’s actually great to fantasize about the time you have success with your chosen goal because it keeps that goal central in your mind throughout the day and the week.

20-Activate Your Superconscious Mind! Tracy uses the word “superconscious” to refer to flashes of inspiration or brilliance, when great ideas come into your mind. Cultivate times to learn how to be in the “superconscious zone”!

21-PERSIST UNTIL YOU SUCCEED! Failure and a step backward isn’t a call or reason to quit. It’s a call to keep moving forward, and perhaps even a better way to go!

The reviewer asks the following question: “Is Goals! Worth reading?

And makes the comment: “Goals! Is perhaps the single best book on goal setting and goal achievement. It offers a collection of advice on how to figure out what you want, articulate it into a clear and achievable statement, then move forward that statement, improving your life along the way. This book lays out the entire process as clearly as can be”.

From: https://www.csmonitor.com/Business/The-Simple-Dollar/2011/0116/Book-review-Goals)

Well, there you have some great information on goal setting and achievement.

We heartily recommend goals, goal setting as probably the most vital part of an effective personal development plan.

We hope you have enjoyed this article. We invite your comments.

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