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Updated: Dec 14, 2020


For many years now for as long as I can remember I have appreciated receiving something

to read as a holiday gift. I have enjoyed reading about dogs (The Treasury of Dog Stories) I still have the book. I have enjoyed reading about horses, (Black Beauty). And since our son and family have lived in Oxford, Mississippi, (John Grisham country) we have enjoyed visiting a great bookstore in Oxford, SQUARE BOOKS, where my daughter buys me the latest autographed copy of a John Grisham title.

I remember when I was young as we visited doctor’s offices, I would see copies of a beautiful magazine with a yellow cover filled with articles about different cities, and countries, people, places and things of great interest. I would usually devour the magazine as we waited. One day my Mom asked me if I wanted my own subscription as a gift. My answer, of course, was an enthusiastic, YES!!!

Over the years I have travelled from Alaska to Antarctica, from Baja to Boston and everywhere in between through the articles in that wonderful magazine.

The magic of books can take you anywhere in the world you want to go and introduce you to anyone you want to meet. You can read anything related to astronomy to physics or about anatomy to zoology. You can read about space travel, travel by airplane or travel over the ocean. You can read non-fiction or fiction. If you are interested in Native Americans, you can read about Apaches, Aztecs, Hopis or Zunis! You can read poetry or pros, or even other types of rhetoric!

I was very blessed to have a Mother who read to me and then encouraged me to read. When I had the opportunity to sell books to schools and libraries and become an independent publisher’s representative, I had fortunately found my dream job. As I looked for a retirement activity, of course, why not encourage people to read for themselves and to their children and encourage their children to read.

We ENCOURAGE LITERACY, LEARNING AND PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, and encourage you to find a good book to read!

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