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About Us

From an early age, my wife knew she wanted to be a school teacher. She herself was a great student and even a senior class officer. And she was an excellent teacher!

In contrast, I have never known what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was raised by a single Mom who was partially disabled so I inherited a lot of responsibility at an early age. I had two significant part-time jobs growing up that really prepared me for the future. One, in the summer was working long days on a lawn crew for a landscape gardener. The other, much more significant, was a publishing company where I had a variety of responsibilities, mostly making sure orders were filled and shipped or mailed.

When I say these jobs were significant, I mean they really did prepare me for my future, I have always wanted my yard to look nice and I completely landscaped the yard at a home that we built, complete with lawn, bushes and fruit trees.

And as far as publishing, one year I went with my teacher-wife to the state education convention. I was going through a major mid-life crisis and I was very dissatisfied with my employment. But! When I went into the exhibit areas and saw those reps standing next to their racks of books and even talking to people about books, I thought, “Wow! I would love to do that.” Well, the rest is history! Twenty two years in the educational publishing business. I really found my niche and I love the publishing and book selling business!

The purpose of our company, Info Products Unlimited and our website: is to encourage literacy and learning, and to “Keep America Reading!” (maybe even the world)!

Visit our website often for quality informational and educational products such as books, e-books, audio books, instruction books and training programs.

Thank you for reading!

Michael Inman

Publisher and Bookseller